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May 11, 2018

If you’re a homeowner in the Tri-Valley, you’ve probably seen more and more of your friends and neighbors installing solar panels. This rapidly growing interest in renewable energy may be causing you to wonder, “am I missing out?” 

The Tri-Valley is one of the best regions in the country for solar — and for good reason. We have high energy bills-- we use the AC and have swimming pools to keep cool in the hot summer months and we pay some of the highest electricity rates in the nation. With an abundance of sunshine, Federal Tax Credits and lower solar costs, solar is one of the best investments you can make here in the East Bay.


The East Bay has an especially warm and sunny climate, making it an excellent place for homeowners to go solar. Danville, for example, sees only about 17 inches of rain per year — significantly below the national average of 30 inches per year. It also sees about 3,070 hours of sunshine per year. That’s over 250 hours of sunshine per month!

With so much sunshine readily available, the East Bay is one of the best places in the country to install a residential solar PV system. It’s no wonder California already has over 15,000 solar megawatts installed throughout the state.


The Bay Area’s consistent sunny climate isn’t the only reason it makes sense to go solar. This region also sees some of the highest electricity rates in the country. Going solar allows homeowners in the area to achieve lower, more consistent energy bills and protect themselves against rising electricity costs. When you consider the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit and convenient financing options that are available for solar, solar energy costs much less than what PG&E charges for electricity.

Thanks to advances in technology that have created high performance photovoltaic panels, solar PV systems are generating more electricity than ever before. 


Anywhere you live along the 580/680/24 Corridor,, Sky Power Solar is here to help you take advantage of readily available solar energy. We’ve been serving the East Bay since 2001— longer than just about every other solar contractor or installer in the area.

With a free solar quote, we’ll assess your property and help you determine which system options are best for you — whether that means installing solar panels on your roof or opting for a ground mounted system.

Considering solar for your Bay Area home? Call (925) 202-2783 or contact us to get started!

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