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October 1, 2018

You don’t have to be extremely wealthy or have strong convictions about the environment in order to harness the power of solar. In fact, more and more homeowners in the San Francisco area are going solar because it’s surprisingly affordable and offers a wide variety of common-sense benefits, like lower utility bills and higher property resale value. Here’s a brief look at what today’s solar technology can do for you.

Generate Free Electricity for Your Home

Sure, solar comes with an upfront cost — but when you consider the amount of electricity that a solar photovoltaic (PV) system generates over its lifetime, you realize that the system pays for itself multiple times over.

A solar electric system works by using solar panels to convert sunlight into. An inverter then converts electricity that your home can use. This free electricity powers your home, and if your system generates excess electricity, it is sent back into the power grid.

This technology seems new, but has been around for 60+ years… it has just gotten incrementally more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable over the years… but not all panels are created equal.  Some are more efficient and reliable than others. At Sky Power Solar, we have carefully chosen to provide SunPower and Panasonic panels. SunPower is the best in the business and Panasonic is not far behind with a name and reputation to match.

These panels generate 30–40% more power than traditional solar panels. Over the expected 25–40 year lifetime, those energy savings add up. They also provide a warranty that is far superior to the industry norm to make sure your panels last as long as they should and produce the most power over their lifetime.  

Lower Your Electricity Bills

Because a solar PV system continues to generate free and renewable electricity over the course of its 30-plus year lifespan, you can expect your residential or commercial solar system to reduce your reliance on your local utility significantly. This gives you years of lower electricity bills. Depending on the size of your system, you may even be able to eliminate your utility bills completely.

Increase Property Resale Value

With the many benefits that green solar energy has to offer, solar is becoming an increasingly valuable asset in homes and commercial buildings. Here in California, for example, an average-sized solar PV system adds an estimated $12,000 to $15,000 to a home’s resale value. So in addition to saving on your utility bills over the life of your system, you’ll reap a high return on your investment should you decide to sell your home.

Go Solar on Your Terms

Today’s solar technology gives you more options for going solar than ever before, meaning you can go solar on your terms. Worried about how solar panels might look on your roof? Ask your solar contractor about a ground mount system. Want solar for your electric car? Consider a solar power system designed specifically for charging your car.

With Sky Power Solar, our experts can listen to your goals, assess your needs, and begin designing the best solar solution for you.

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Solar gives you free electricity, greater energy independence, and more.

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