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The Athenian School Goes Green with Sky Power Solar

With its latest solar installation, this Californian school now covers 70% of its electricity requirements using clean, free sunshine. 

DANVILLE, CA (PRWEB) May 15, 2012 – Sky Power Solar, a leading provider of high-performance solar solutions in the Tri-Valley area, announced today that it had completed the installation of a 22-kilowatt solar power system at The Athenian School (“Athenian”) in Danville, CA.

Installed on the school’s Center for the Arts (CFTA) building, this newest solar photovoltaic (PV) electric system represents the third installation Sky Power Solar has completed for Athenian. Back in 2009, the San Ramon-based solar contractor also installed a 21-kilowatt PV system at the school’s multipurpose Dase Center. In addition, Sky Power Solar recently finished installing The Athenian School’s solar pool heating system.

Across all of these green power investments, Athenian now has enough solar capacity to meet 70% of its monthly electricity requirements. With these savings, the school plans on making continued investments in infrastructure and curriculum development. In addition to reducing utility costs for the school, these solar power improvements also double as educational tools to teach students about environmentally-responsible stewardship.

According to Athenian’s Director of Business Administration, Bob Oxenburgh, “We continue to explore ways to lower our energy cost and to extend our efforts in sustainable education.” He adds that,

“Sky Power Solar has proven to be an excellent partner, delivering a quality product and responsive customer support. We like the fact that they are a local company and have been around for 11 years.”

In recognition of its clean energy investments, Athenian was one of 78 schools across the nation to receive the US Department of Education’s Green Ribbon Schools Award – an honor reserved for pioneering classrooms that promote environmentally-friendly activities such as harnessing clean sunshine to power campuses.

In addition, Athenian has invested heavily in conservation and resource optimization. The school recycles nearly 60% of its material waste – roughly 10% of which is ultimately composted for organic fertilizer. Athenian has also dramatically reduce its water consumption by installing an all-weather sports field equipped with a recycled infill. Thanks to this investment, the school is able to save an estimated 2 million gallons of water annually.

Micro-water heaters, organized beach cleanups, and an on-site organic garden are all ongoing projects that help further reduce The Athenian School’s carbon footprint. With the completion of this most recent Sky Power Solar installation, students have now turned their attention to converting gas-guzzling cars into more environmentally-friendly electric vehicles.

To learn more about The Athenian School’s green community activism, click here.

To learn more about Sky Power Solar’s complete range of solar installation services, click here.

About Sky Power Solar

Based in San Ramon, CA, Sky Power Solar is the Bay Area’s leading expert in green energy solutions. In addition to residential and commercial rooftop solar, we also specialize in ground-mounted systems, affordable financing, solar pool heating, green incentives, and solar charging for electric vehicles.

About The Athenian School

Environmental stewardship has been a core value here since we opened in 1965. As an active member of the Green Schools Alliance and the Contra Costa Business Program, The Athenian School’s curriculum is designed to educate students on the importance of environmental protection.

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Project Facts

Location: Danville, CA

New System Size: 22kW

Total System Size: 43kW

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